My Journey So Far

Three Months In

25 things I’ve learned in 90 days:

1. I talk a lot about fashion and style. 2. I have a tendency to use indefinite statements. 3. I strive for humor, sometimes too much. 4. I’m self deprecating. 5. I’m braver than I thought I was. 6. I actually enjoy writing this. 7. I get excited about potentially dangerous risks. 8. My risks are not risks to other people. 9. Other people have used the blog as motivation to take their own risks. Didn’t see that coming. 10. I still don’t push myself to go further. 11. I still don’t completely trust myself. 12. I feel more comfortable in my body (big surprise). 13. Risks that I think will be lame to read are a joy to others to read. 14. Some of my friends favorite posts are the ones where I’m uber vulnerable.  15. I’m settling into myself more. 16. I’ve been way too busy. 17. I can get pretty emotional and sappy. 18. According to this blog, my husband’s shit don’t stink. 19. I’ve come a long, long way from May 6, 2011. 20. I’ve still got so much to learn. 21. I was trying really hard when I started to be funny. 22. I’m actually kinda funny. 23. People will actually read all this (yes, I knew some would, but it’s still a surprise that people care). 24. I think this blog is boring sometimes and fear others do too. 25. I’m usually too self-conscious. Other people don’t see my flaws as much as I do.

Six Months In

25 Ways I’ve grown in 180 days:

1. I’m more likely to put myself in a position of meeting new people. 2. I’m willing to try things that I would have thought stupid before. 3. I feel more confident in my ability to succeed. 4. I feel more confident in my ability to write well. 5. I’m taking bigger and bigger risks in my personal style choices (hooray for short hair!). 6. I’m very open to strangers reading this blog. 7. I don’t check in with others before making decisions. I’ve begun to plow forward without the advice/motivation of others. 8. I go after what I want more quickly. 9. I’m more willing to look like a fool in public. 10. I’ve lost weight (Not really a growth, more of a shrinkage). Not sure how this has to do with this blog, but hey, I figure every little thing helps. 11. My general anxiety has greatly reduced. 12. I can see my talents more clearly. 13. I say yes a lot more frequently than I say no. 13. I say no more frequently to things that don’t fit into where I want to go and what I want to do. 14. I can separate my opinions and views from others. 15. I believe more completely in my point of view being valid for my life. 16. Everyday life feels more exciting, so I don’t feel like I need to run away as often. 17. I’m cultivating positivity more frequently. 18. I feel more present. I feel like I’m living in the Now more than in the past or the future. 19. I don’t feel as grumpy as I used to. 20. I’ve let go of a lot of anger I had toward past grievances. 21. The frequency with which I ask myself, “What do you want right now?” has increased. 22. The risks I’m taking are happening more naturally and without as much forethought. 23. I’m embracing who I am more regularly. 24. Money worries aren’t as prevalent in my life as they were. 25. My happiness has inched closer to the forefront of my daily life.

Nine Months In

25 Accomplishments I have after 270 days:

1. I’ve read my work in front of an audience of strangers. 2. My husband and I have not gone broke with me working less. 3. I openly and proudly tell people I’m a writer. 4. I listen to myself more than I have in years. 5. I’ve made it nine months of writing something that I was sure I’d quit after nine days. 6. I’m not afraid to change my life. 7. My style choices have helped me feel more like me. 8. I’ve let myself off the hook in many areas of my life where I used to be too hard on myself. 9. I speak my mind freely. 10. I’ve accepted that I’m loud and sassy and possibly annoying. 11. I’m proud to be loud and sassy and possibly annoying; at least I’m being true to myself. 12. I search out how to live the way I always wanted rather than just daydreaming about how I want to live. 13. I laugh daily. 14. The well of anxiety that used to live in my chest has dissipated. 15. I search out what I want rather than just taking what’s presented to me. 16. I have a sweet earring collection. 17. I don’t feel so rushed to accomplish everything I want in the next two months. 18. I’ve stuck to goals I’ve set for myself, both personal and professional. 19. I’ve let go of certain aspects of my life that didn’t fit in with where I want to go or who I want to be. 20. I’ve accepted the uncertainty of my future. 21. I believe I can catch myself. 21. I now give myself some breathing room when major life events pop up and get in the way of a path I was traveling. 22. I don’t wake up afraid everyday. 23. I’ve begun to see myself in a new light and am open to new discoveries about myself. 24. I can see value in my life experiences up until this point. 25. I haven’t given up.


Risky Thoughts

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