Day 358 Risk: Buy Nutella

Day 358 Risk: Buy Nutella

Oh Nutella. How I love you. I love you so much. You are the bread to my butter, the honey to my tea. I adore every bit of you. And that’s the problem. You know how people eat peanut butter with a spoon? I do the same with Nutella. No need for bread like on … Continue reading

Day 357 Risk: Read A Short Story At Writing Group

I am loving, absolutely and completely loving my fiction class. From the writing prompts our instructor has given us, I’ve completed three short stories that I can stand behind. And I finally feel ready to read some of this work aloud. There’s an open mic next week, specifically devoted to storytelling, and I’m almost positive … Continue reading

Day 355 Risk: I Took A Risk, But…

As with past posts, I can’t get into details when risks are related to my work. This one in particular was an awkward one. It was wonky and I walked away feeling unsettled. But, even with all the weirdness, I was glad I took the risk. Sorry for two straight days of short posts. As … Continue reading