My Life List

Some time ago, I stumbled upon the Mighty Girl Life List and could not contain my desire to create the same. I’ve done this in random forms over the years and decided to include it here, since most of these are risks. Will constantly be adding to this, but here is a beginning.

Climb Machu Picchu :: Go scuba diving :: Take a volunteer vacation :: Work on a vineyard during the harvest :: Visit Sicily :: Walk the Great Wall of China :: Visit every continent :: Attend a meditation in India :: Go skinny dipping :: Take a cooking class in Italy :: Write everyday consistently for a month :: Learn another language well enough to speak it :: Get into my birthday suit on a nude beach :: Learn to clean a fish :: Not kill a garden :: Learn to shoot a bow and arrow :: Help a teenager travel internationally :: Walk through the Grand Canyon :: Own a home in the Italian countryside :: Spend a summer on a boat :: Do a photo shoot in the style of a 1940’s pinup girl :: Feel sexy in my skin :: Climb Mt. Everest :: Travel to Italy with my brothers :: Pick lavender in southern France :: Be a guest judge on Project Runway :: See a book I’ve written in hardcover :: Live in a tiny shack on the beach :: Crack open lobsters in Maine :: Go skydiving :: Get a tattoo :: Walk Spain’s Camino de Santiago :: Milk a cow :: Go to the top of the Tower of London :: Take the Polar Plunge :: Visit Alaska :: Study Flamenco dancing in Spain :: Learn jewelry making from Kenyan women :: Eat Naan in India :: Learn the Argentinian Tango :: Sing at an Open Mic :: Surf in Costa Rica :: Learn to ski :: Take ballet :: Read my own work in front of an audience of strangers :: Climb a tree, successfully :: Study penguins in Antarctica :: Swim with dolphins :: Visit the Oregon mountains :: Visit the crater lakes in Greenland :: Take a six-month to one year trip around the world :: Successfully put together a sewing pattern :: Swim in the Dead Sea :: Drive a motorcycle


Risky Thoughts

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