Feeling Risky?

I’ve had multiple situations crop up over this journey where people in my life are taking their own risks. I love hearing these risks. It reminds me that I am not alone in my need to be more daring but that I’m also not as lame as I sometimes think, as most of these risks are the everyday things that we tend to overlook.

So, are you feeling risky today? Below leave a comment with a risk that you plan on taking soon. Or leave a risk you just took. It’s kind of exhilarating to think that someone could be reading about it. I promise it’s worth it.


11 thoughts on “Feeling Risky?

  1. Tomorrow I will be tackling brown recluse spider extermination. Our house is apparently home to lots of the little buggers. We have found 9 over the 7 days. I found 5 in my office today (needless to say, i am now working from the couch). Tomorrow will be day one of extermination. Why is this a risk? 1. Those suckers are poisonous. 2. Not a huge fan of spiders. Not petrified of them, but if I am around a bunch of them I feel like they are crawling all over me. Not pleasant.

    Tomorrow won’t actually be the main risk day. I am only working on the upstairs. The main risk day will be when I take on the basement and all of the storage shelves/drop-drown ceiling.

    • Of all the people in my life, I have to say you’re the most baby crazy. Why do you taunt me so? You’re already an auntie 🙂

      • lol, one just isn’t enough!! Of course after you guys have a kid, I’ll start the pressure to move back, but I already know I’m SOL there, so I’m just sticking with the baby pressure!!!

  2. My most recent risk I took was going for a dance audition after being turned down for the past 3 I went for. My confidence was low, and if this one didn’t work out, I might have been personally destroyed. Luckily, I picked my head up and put on my confident attitude for the audition, and got it! I was so nervous during the whole thing but tried to remain calm and just focus on doing my best. I am so happy it worked out well, because it also pulled me out of my rut. I would say a risk that definitely worked out for me!

  3. I really love writing. Last year I resolved to write more, and I have, but I still don’t showcase my writing publicly. But I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately, and so I’ve decided to take a fairly big risk and start a daily writing blog in 11 days. And it’s all thanks to you! Thanks for being a great inspiration!

Risky Thoughts

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