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Where I am now.

Yes, little d, big year is over. But my journey into fear and risk taking and being all awkward is not! You can now find me musing and pondering a couple of times a week over at The Art of Living Uncomfortably. Come check it out, stay awhile, take off your shoes and put your … Continue reading

Dear lovely reader…

I’m so behind on posts. As of now, I am posting risks almost a full week after I’ve taken them. It’s driving me crazy and it must stop. To make up for my lazy/busy life of late, I will be posting twice a day this week. My apologies for those that get this in an … Continue reading

Staycation, all I ever wanted…

Hooray for staycations!! My husband is co-coordinating a workshop this weekend at a resort just outside of the city and I decided to take a mini, local vaca and hang out in the hot tub all weekend. I am about to disconnect the internet, turn off my phone and really “get away” for a few … Continue reading

Fishing and Swimming and Sleep, Oh My!

Okay. Prepare to be jealous. Tomorrow I leave for Canada. Yes. That is why you are jealous. Actually you are jealous because in Canada I will be canoeing and eating smores and sleeping late and having fishing competitions and doing a lot of nothing. Remember Day 51 Risk? Well if you don’t you then should … Continue reading

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee…

Once again I’m leaving the Windy City for a time. The wedding that has made appearances in this blog for the last few months has finally arrived and I’m headed that way tomorrow. As the wedding is in Canada and, well, I’ll be doing fun stuff with cool people, this blog will probably be sporadic … Continue reading