Who is Little D?

D is not my real name, but it is one of my many nicknames. The “Little” is in reference to my vertically challengedness. 10 year old’s are taller than me. No, really. They are.

I live in Chicago and decided two years ago to switch one starving artist job for another, leaving the world of acting for the world of writing. Needless to say, I’m gonna be a billionaire.

Originally from the south, I have a weird desire to throw the perfect party, although I’m a little too neurotic to actually pull it off. But city life has infected me and more recent interests include searching out the best place to get a cup of coffee and the hottest new restaurant that I can’t afford.

When not putting myself into uncomfortable social situations and attempting things people will only do after a few cocktails, I find myself on my couch with my husband watching Stargate on Netflix, guilting myself for not attending a museum exhibit or playing Scrabble instead.

If you’re wondering my exact height or want to know my opinion on the best coffee in Chicago, feel free to email me at littledbigyear@gmail.com. Cheers!


Risky Thoughts

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