Day 360 Risk: Finally Climb A Tree — Attempt #3

You may recall that I’ve had a battle with trees over the course of the last year. I’ve tried not once, but twice to climb a tree, both times were utter fails. I looked at my husband on Saturday and said, “I have to climb a tree before my birthday. On Sunday, we’re going to the park and I’m climbing a tree.”

We walked to a local park and immediately found a tree with a low drooping branch. I thought this would be an easy one, the branch being within my short reach. I was completely wrong. It took me about ten attempts to get to this point:

Holding on for dear life.

The above position was not going to get me any further, so I hopped down and tried to climb by running up the side of the tree. That method also took ten tries before I was able to reach this:

Almost there...

I pulled myself further and further up into the green. And when I reached the top, I cheered out in joy. Finally, I climbed a tree:

About damn time.


3 thoughts on “Day 360 Risk: Finally Climb A Tree — Attempt #3

  1. All of those gymnastic and trapeze classes paid off…welcome to the tree climbers group. It definitely is easier to get down then up!

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