Day 352 Risk: Staying Up Until 3AM For The Second Night In A Row

Being out at three in the morning usually equals bad decisions and hot messes. Women begin taking off  the heels that have given them blisters, and walk home on the gum infested, sometimes puke infested sidewalk. Men begin to believe that they sound suave, when what’s really coming out of their mouth is a jumble of words strung together by tequila shots and Corona.

If you're going to be a hot mess, at least check that there are no cameras around.

I’m an old lady when it comes to going out. I’m the girl asleep on the couch by midnight on a Saturday, with a cup of tea cooling on the coffee table and either a book across my lap or an episode of The Office ending on my TV. Sure, I go out. But not in the way I used to and certainly not two nights in a row.

Enter this past weekend, where two of my good friends celebrated birthdays. In the last few years, their birthdays have fallen on the odd Sunday and Monday or random Wednesday and Thursday. This year they fell on Friday and Saturday. There was no way I could stay in Friday, claiming a busy week or work, and then gear up for Saturday. And there was no way I could go party on Friday and have a night in on Saturday. So two nights of drinking and dancing were ahead of me. Thankfully I have learned the art of pacing myself. Still, even though I’ve learned some basics, I still don’t make the best decisions at 3AM. Example: Cheesie’s.

Cheesie’s is a late night bar and pub that has an entire menu of grilled cheese sandwiches, along with other fried treats like fried cheese curds and fried pickles.

Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my.

In the glow of the sun, heading to Cheesie’s is not my first choice, my thoughts drifting to the amount of push ups I would have to do and salad’s I would have to eat to make up for the damage done by a mac-n-cheese grilled cheese (yeah, they have that). But at 3AM, Cheesie’s sounds amazing. I made that choice Saturday night, and I felt it on Sunday.

Overall my body and brain held up though. I was still able to function on Sunday despite two nights of dancing like a mad man and barely sleeping. Somehow I made it through the day without falling in a heap on my living room floor. I guess I can still hang.


One thought on “Day 352 Risk: Staying Up Until 3AM For The Second Night In A Row

  1. “In the glow of the sun, heading to Cheesie’s is not my first choice.” Ha! Love it! I’ve only eaten at Cheesie’s once. But man, oh man, do they have some intense grilled cheese flavors. Even drunk, I was scared of the fat.

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