Day 349 Risk: Rock A Pair Of Red Pants

I’ve crushed over the colored, skinny pants trend a lot lately. Silky mint ice cream, luscious grapefruit, crunchy purple cabbage; I want them all. Chic, stylish, girly–can’t get better than that.

I'll take you sea glass blue. Oh and you can come along too bubblegum pink. Caribbean sea, you're invited. And don't worry banana. I want you too.

But I wondered if I could pull them off. My hips and thighs are plentiful. I love my legs, don’t get me wrong, but certain styles make me look bigger than I am. Would colored pants do the same?

I found a lovely pair of red, skinny corduroys over the weekend. I tried them on and surprised myself by how much I liked them. So I took the plunge and bought them, figuring I might as well try some colored pants out, since I love the look so much.

Wednesday was the first day that I actually tried to wear them. I felt chic and comfy and not as huge as I imagined I would. I began to wonder why I have yet to try this trend.

I'm not really sure what I was trying to convey in this photo. Probably something witty. I don't look witty though. I just look confused.

Now I’m obsessed. My crush has become a scary. I want more. I want every color in the rainbow. I’m not sure my wallet can support this new love.


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