Day 347 Risk: Submit For A Writing Audition

There was no forethought to this risk, no days of pondering and questioning, running through possible scenarios of how this risk would turn out. I didn’t even think twice about this risk, instead I acted completely on impulse.

A good friend of mine emailed me at the beginning of the week letting me know about the audition. Basically, you sent this blog an email, letting them know you wanted to write for them. Then you waited for a topic to write about. After reading through the email, I immediately composed a message to them. I looked over what I wrote once, then pressed send.

I surprised myself with the ease of this risk. Something that once seemed huge, scary, daunting, this time around didn’t give me pause. There was a time when I would have pondered and considered and thought for days about what I wanted to do. This time, I simply acted.





One thought on “Day 347 Risk: Submit For A Writing Audition

  1. Writing from your heart is easier then writing from your brain sometimes. Too many thoughts sometimes can get in the way!!

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