Day 343 Risk: Breakfast With Someone New

The benefit of attending events alone is that it forces you to meet people. When I go somewhere with my husband or a friend, I stand in the corner, sipping my cocktail, maybe chatting with someone else, but mostly sticking to known territory. It’s safe, comfortable, and keeps me from saying something stupid that could be judged harshly. And it also keeps me stuck. This knowledge was not something I entered my year of risking knowing, but now I see how vital it is to my growth. Without it, I stay stagnant, both in my ideas and in my comfortable hole of fear.

A side benefit of working the storytelling contest a few weeks ago was meeting a handful of new people in the storytelling community. I really bonded with the girl who worked the door with me, and we continued to chat and schmooze later at the bar. We became Facebook friends and she suggested we meet for breakfast. I wondered about this potential friendship: Was it a true connection or the product of too many martinis?

Ahhh. So pretty.

I agreed to breakfast anyway, figuring it was worth finding out. The fear and nerves normally associated with this sort of venture have begun to fade, so I wasn’t anxious about meeting her, more curious. Would we have anything to talk about? Would I do that terrible thing where I miss things she’s saying because my brain is already thinking about what I’m going to say next? Would there be awkward moments of uncomfortable silence, causing both of us to eat our food silently, eyeing the clock? I should have known everything would be great when one of us threw out meeting at Ann Sather.

Ann Sather is a mecca for cinnamon roll lovers. Their breakfast food is mediocre in my opinion, but it’s worth a trip just to try the cinnamon rolls. They are famous, mainly because they are not only incredibly delicious but also huge, and worth every calorie.

Gooey, sweet, unreal.

Maybe it was the magic of the cinnamon roll. Maybe it was the bonding over being short and Italian. Maybe it was the love of storytelling. Maybe it was just a perfect blend of all these factors that, when stirred together, made for a lovely time. We talked so much that we ran past the time she needed to leave to get to work. We parted ways agreeing to do it again soon.

Great conversation with a great woman over delicious cinnamony goodness; a nice way to start the day.


Risky Thoughts

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