Day 342 Risk: Take a Day Off for My Honey

Between taking on an extra job, taking a writing class, and just living in general, my day-to-day life has become packed with obligations, events, work, and tasks. I’m a tired girl. And feel starved for time with my husband.

Last Wednesday was our second wedding anniversary. We made a promise to one another two years ago was that we would take April 11th off from work, social events, classes, pretty much every detail of our lives to spend the day with one another. While I love this idea, it’s incredibly difficult to follow through on.

Since my body is now used to waking up at 6:30 every day to write, I naturally woke up at that time and considered getting up. I thought of the cozy chair in my living room that I’ve designated as my writing spot, how I’ve committed to this writing practice consistently despite my deep belief that I would fail. But when I rolled over and looked at my hubby, I remembered our vow of not working, and I snuggled up to him instead.

When we went out to get cannolis, we left our phones at home, something I NEVER do.

Yummy D'Amato's Bakery. In honor of the cannolis we had at our wedding instead of cake.

We kept our computer’s off as well, completely shutting out the world. When I would have gone to my fiction writing class later in the evening, I instead sat down to dinner at a local fish shack.

Delicious codfish sandwich, octopus salad, tots, beer, and an alcoholic Arnold Palmer at Fish Bar. Our wedding took place by the ocean, so we celebrate each year with a dinner of seafood.

Giving up so many writing things in one day was tough for me. There was a time when I rearranged my life around my husband’s schedule. It was never something he asked of me, just an odd inclination I had. When I find myself doing that now, I get a little nervous that I’m headed down a well-worn path. Yes, my anniversary is a special day, one that is worthy of taking a day off completely, but my nerves still get activated even though my brain can tell the difference.

He’s worth it though.

*Photography by the oh so talented Rebecca Keeling Studios*


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