Day 338 Risk: Gamble

I’ve never really gambled before. I’ve done penny slots on cruise ships that house casinos, but that’s not the kind of gambling I’m talking about. I’ve never done any hardcore gambling, the high stakes, winner take all kind of gambling. A good friend of mine does though, and for his birthday he wanted to take a group of us to Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN.

Welcome to Horseshoe Casino! I'm D. I'll be your tour guide.

My friend, knowing about this blog, told me that I had to come throw $20 on the craps table with him before going anywhere else, a risk he’s been wanting me to try since I started the blog. He explained how craps works on the way down to the casino, so I vaguely understood what I was getting myself into. The minute we walked in I could feel my adrenaline kick in. My heart was racing, I could feel excitement coursing through me. The little boy from A League of Their Own was in my head chanting, “You’re gonna lose. You’re gonna lose.” My inner Tom Hanks picked up a dusty glove and threw it in his face.

Shut up kid.

I was gonna win.

My anxiety kicked in as my friend led me back to the craps table. I got my cash exchanged for coin and placed my bet. Then the dice. I had learned all the rules, so I was a little nervous about this part. I wasn’t supposed to lift the dice out of the table, I had to throw the dice until it hit the back wall, and if the dice went off the table, well…

I carefully choose my two dice, picked them up, and threw. All my nerve endings stood at attention, waiting for the rush of excitement. It was such a high to see them go down, not knowing what numbers they would land on, and then get to roll again. I can see why people get addicted. Soon after I lost my $20. I still had some left to play the penny slots and a few rounds at roulette, so the day was not completely lost. I had planned on not walking away with anything (even though I secretly hoped to double my money), so I was pretty stoked when I came out with $10. I may have failed hard at gambling, but at least I had money for a beer.


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