Day 334 Risk: Perform a Knee Hang Alone

A knee hang in trapeze is exactly how it sounds–you wrap your knees around the bar, let go, and dangle away.

Yeah. Like that.

I’ve done this trick since my first trapeze class, but never without help. In fact, this was the trick that sent my body into shivers of fear during that initial taster class. Even though this trick is a matter of balance and body position, it has felt like a matter of strength and how many layers of fat exist around your knees. Since my knee-fat percentage hovers just above average, I believed I couldn’t do this trick without my instructor standing below me, holding my feet to my butt.

We do this trick in our warm up and, since my class is huge, I knew a day would come when my instructor couldn’t support me, when I’d have to face this trick on my own. Last week, when class was small and we got more personal attention, my instructor told me that I could do the trick by myself and needed to, essentially, grow a pair. When warm ups began on Tuesday, I knew I had to get over this fear that has plagued me since the start of my trapeze journey and just do the damn trick.

I walked up to the trapeze, rubbing chalk into the baby calluses on my hands, and swung my knees under the bar, allowing them to become as straight as possible above my head. Remembering to breath, I slowly lowered my legs onto the bar, making sure to keep them straight until the back of my knees were firmly planted. I lowered my legs, squeezing my feet to my butt, and, finally, let go.

Once I was upside down, I felt good, balanced and solid. I held the pose for about ten seconds, and then used what little stomach muscles I have to lift my hands back to the bar. After lowering my legs and planting them on the ground, I did a little celebration dance. My classmates laughed as I cheered, “I did it alone! I did it alone!!”


Risky Thoughts

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