Day 332 Risk: Rearrange My “Library”

I don’t have a real library; what I actually have is a random collection of books on shelves and stacked haphazardly on my floor. It’s not as glorious as the library I dream of having one day, but it works for my tiny city apartment.

Here’s what I started with:

Bulky, unnecessary furniture, all around kind of blah.

I really hated that table, plus I was sick of the angle of the bookshelves and of the tiny tables holding up books; basically I hated the all around look. I was Pinteresting (so obsessed) and found a great photo of books piled up and topped with funky, artistic pieces. It looked pretty rad, so I decided to take the risk and try the same.

As with the first time I rearranged my books, the risk is putting in all the work of moving things only to hate the end product. But I decided anything was better than what I’d been seeing day in and day out.

Much better.

I love it. The stacking continues down the wall and another bookcase sits at the other end. And bonus: no more weird 70’s table. So happy that piece of disastrous furniture is out of my life.


Risky Thoughts

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