Day 330 Risk: Apply For A Job I Really, Really Want

I really, really want the job I applied for on Friday. I almost don’t want to talk about it too much, for fear that I will jinx myself and then the sweet nectar of potential success will fade from my outstretched hands.

My part-time job search has been a difficult one, fraught with not being qualified for positions that I would love and seemingly never-ending searches through jobs that hold no interest to me. Since my search is only slightly out of necessity, I am being picky about what type of work I apply for; I’m trying to avoid the game of jumping at every posting in which I meet the minimum qualifications.

But I’m really qualified for this job. Not only am I qualified, I really want to do it, think it would be fun and interesting and rewarding. Plus, bonus, it’s only a six month position, so there would be no awkward moment where I would have to quit.

I want this job.

So, yesterday, I put my heart and soul into compiling the multi-part application. I spent all day working on it, had my husband look over everything twice, and then, after rereading it three times myself, I finally submitted the application around 9pm. And now I wait.

The major risk in applying for this job is how badly I want to land it. By getting my hopes up that I will get this position, I potentially set myself up to fail and be disappointed. Getting the job would make that risk completely worth it. Not getting the job, well…

I can’t do anything else now though. I have to exercise patience (something I’m not very good at) and believe that I deserve this.

Cross your fingers for me.


2 thoughts on “Day 330 Risk: Apply For A Job I Really, Really Want

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