Day 327 Risk: Sign Up For A Yoga Session

**Hey Chicagoans! I’m taking this yoga class through the parks district and I’m all about a deal, so I thought I’d pass this on. They hold yoga classes (as well as many other types of classes) at most parks recreational centers for incredibly affordable prices. The sessions start the next week so it’s not too late to sign up. Check it out here.**

My attempts at yoga have been sporadic. I’ll drop into a class here and there, but never with any intention of having a regular practice. For a time, I even had an in at a major yoga studio in the city, since my best friend and husband worked there. Still, a regular yoga practice has eluded me.

I’m bendy, which excites yoga teachers; they push me to go further than the rest of the class, twisting my back into all sorts of odd positions. The bendy-ness  comes from years of gymnastics, where my über flexible back was an asset. My favorite trick was pushing up into a bridge and then walking my hands back, placing them in between my feet. It was disgusting… and awesome.

Okay. Maybe I wasn't this flexible. But you get the point. The above performers work with Circus Mama Africa.

My back isn’t as bendy as it once was, but, just like riding a bike, the skill has not gone away completely. The main problem I have in yoga class is strength, in that I don’t have much. I can twist myself into odd positions, but I can’t hold the cool poses that make yoga awe-inspiring. With the trapeze class being so challenging and yet so fulfilling, I decided to sign up for a nine week yoga class to stretch a different part of my noggin.

Unlike trapeze, where my determination came from wanting to beat the bar, I’m actually really excited to take this yoga class, excited to build up my strength. Trapeze has taught me that I work well in segmented class sessions, where there is a beginning and an end, where  I can look back and say, “I learned this.” I think that’s why the gym never worked for me. I always assumed it was because I was lazy and that I should spend the day on the couch reading Harry Potter instead. I think the truth is that I’ve needed an exercise that teaches me something. And has an end point. Regular gym workouts have never given me that.

So, in addition to starting a writing class next week, I will also be starting a yoga class. I’m hoping to regain the above flexibility, but, realistically, I’m just hoping to feel refreshed and calmed. I will update you on my progress getting to flexible, pretzel heaven.


4 thoughts on “Day 327 Risk: Sign Up For A Yoga Session

  1. Yoga on Sat mornings in Millenium park is great too once the weather is better (and it starts!)…Join in 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll not only be in flexible pretzel heaven, but also be able to hold my entire body wait up with my arms. Yes buffness!

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