Day 326 Risk: Apply For A Job

Oh job searching…

My part-time job search has finally begun with an application to coordinate a summer camp. I looked up a few jobs related to camps, since it fit in with my skill set and would be a lot of money in a short amount of time. It would be full-time position, but only for a few months and then I would be able to go back to my job at the university. I imagined me as Janeane Garofalo in Wet Hot American Summer. But with less hippie-like.

"Uh, I kinda care...

Okay. Maybe I wouldn’t be as flippant as her. But where’s the comedy in that?

After spending a few hours revamping my resume and putting together a letter of interest, I emailed all of my information to the organization. I pressed send, and then, for some sadistic reason, I rechecked all my resume information. What I found is a word I accidentally left in my letter of interest from an earlier draft.


Once I realized that I was completely powerless to change what happened, I let it all go, but only after my voice was hoarse from yelling angry exclamations into the night. I decided that the universe would guide me where I was going. If it wasn’t as summer camp coordinator, then that was okay. I guess.


2 thoughts on “Day 326 Risk: Apply For A Job

  1. Dang. I do that all the time. I feel like there’s always something to catch or modify. C’est la vie. None of us is perfect. I’m sure the person reading it will skim right over the tiny mistake 🙂

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