Day 322 Risk: Disclose My Job Search To Friends

Over lunch on Thursday, I admitted to some friends that I’m searching for a second job. They are close friends, people I trust to support me, so I felt comfortable sharing how my search is going. What I didn’t expect was to have a tempting, full-time position thrown my way.

Sharing my job search, inevitably, leads to finding potential jobs that make my insides squirm with desire. Sure enough, my friend mentioned a job at her work that sounded like something I’d be good at and would make me a lot of money.

Full-time employment is so tempting. The paycheck, the benefits, the regular hours all pull at my heart-strings. The problem with a full-time job is that I don’t necessarily have to get a full-time job. Would it make my and my husband’s life easier? Absolutely. Would traveling be more a reality to us than a want? Sure.

But I don’t need full-time employment. Yes, I’m looking for part-time work, but the level of commitment involved with part-time work would allow me freedoms that I’m not sure I would find with a full-time position.

So I took the information my friend had, truly considered it, and decided it wasn’t the right time for me.

I’ll probably have to consider full-time employment again at some point. I can’t live today as though it’s five years from now though. I have to live my life for what it is now.


4 thoughts on “Day 322 Risk: Disclose My Job Search To Friends

  1. Hey, not to beg but I’m job searching for a full-time position in the city and haven’t had any luck so far. Is that position something an econ/English major would be interested in?

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