Day 321 Risk: Attend A Writing Event Alone

I wish this didn’t feel risky, or rather vulnerable, for me anymore. No matter how many events I attend alone though, I still feel twinges of nervous energy as I walk through the door. This event was a part of Columbia College’s Story Week, which is a week about writing and publishing, along with readings and film screenings sponsored by Columbia College’s Fiction Writing Department.

The event was a round table discussion on getting published. Three people who worked for publishing companies and one agent made up the panel and most of the discussion was what I expected. It was fascinating, though, to hear their ideas on how e-books are changing the industry.

I was actually really pleased that I attended the event, feeling motivated and focused as the host ended the discussion. After the event was over, I stuck around for a minute, wanting to ask the agent if she accepted middle grade and intermediate level novels for submission (she represents YA novelists). Unfortunately, she went backstage immediately and after waiting about five minutes for her to come back out I decided to leave. I walked away feeling a little down that I didn’t run up to the stage to catch the agent before she left, but pleased that I got over my trepidation about being there alone.


Risky Thoughts

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