Day 319 Risk: Double Your Risks, Double Your Fun

Hooray! After a stint of no risking last week, it feels good to have accomplished not one, but two risks to start off my week. Go me.

RISK #1: Coffee with an author.

Remember back in December when I had coffee with that author? Well after weeks of trying to figure out a time that worked for both our schedules, we finally sat down for coffee again on Monday morning.

I felt awkward and overwhelmed the last time we met, mainly due to my insecurities surrounding meeting someone who is doing what I want to do. But this time around was so much better. I didn’t become the weird alien I sometimes become in these types of situations. And we actually talked about personal, non-writing related aspects of our lives. I even took an extra risk and shared more book ideas with him, trusting that he would give advice and that I’d actually be able to take it this time.

Once again, we left that coffee date with promise of another and this time around I felt like myself as I walked away, instead of a gangly teenager.

RISK #2: Attend a storytelling event alone. **Check out Essay Fiesta here.**

I had mentioned this event at my writers group last week, and some people sounded interested. But when it came down to game time, I was the only one who played.

I texted my new writing buddy from group (author of First Acts), but she wasn’t able to go. Not sure who else might be there, and having survived a very hot day at work (the heat is still on even though it’s been in the 70′; most days I leave work feeling like such a crab that I’m convinced I’ve grown pincers), I was very, very tempted to ditch the event, pick up some Ben and Jerry’s, and spend the evening watching trashy reality TV while eating from the carton.

Realizing my alternative option was unhealthy and lame–two things I’m trying to avoid these days–I went to the event.

As I’ve found over and over, Chicago is a lot smaller than it seems. I walked in and saw a friend of my husband’s sitting with one of the women who would be reading. Since I was feeling grumpy from work, I debated not saying anything to him. But I decided that the only way out of a funk is to give myself a kick in the ass and put on a smile. So I said a quick hello and took a seat in the back.

In the end I was glad I went. I had to leave early but at least I got to check out the event and meet half of my goal of attending two storytelling events a month. The stories were interesting and the readers all unique and dynamic. I had fun even though it was just me and my Boylan’s Ginger Ale.

So tasty and chic. Who knew ginger ale could be such a nice companion?

Good day, if I do say so myself.


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