Day 318 Risk: Sign Up For A Writing Class

Hi. My name is Little D. And I’m a beginning writer. I rebelled against this fact at first, but lately I’ve completely accepted this status, have even begun to embrace it. And embracing my status means that I embrace the fact that I need to take a writing class.

For a while the idea of taking a class scared me. When I was taking acting classes, I found that I would lose sight of my own ideas and opinions. If the way I viewed something didn’t match up with the other people in the class or the instructor, I convinced myself that I was wrong, and instantly altered my thinking.

The problem with me avoiding taking a class is that I’m making a lot of guesses on story construction, not having any real knowledge or training. I’ve read blogs and books about the subject, but a class will give me concrete tools. As a bonus, it will also give me the chance to share my writing and see what’s working and what isn’t. Basically I’ve finally reached the point where I need this class, where my writing can’t move to the next level until I take a class. And I finally feel ready to hear outside ideas and take focused, constructive feedback without losing my sense of self.

I’m equal parts excited and nervous, super pumped to immerse myself and completely freaked with the idea of putting myself out there.

But I’m also proud of myself for pulling the trigger on signing up for this class. Other than the fears of judgment and not sticking to my opinions, I’ve also avoided signing up for a class because of the cost. The class I’ve wanted to take is a few hundred dollars, and, while it’s not astronomical, I tend to convince myself that I can’t afford these sorts of things.

Well, as usual, things work themselves out. I was able to pay for the class without resorting to eating Ramen for the next three months.

I can't believe I used to eat these. But I will say, Beef flavor was the best.

Look out for future risks involving this class. I have no doubt interesting things will crop up.


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