Day 317 Risk: Spend St. Patty’s Day In Wrigleyville

Wrigleyville is the area of Chicago right next to Wrigley Field. It’s populated by stinky bars, former frat boys, and bad decisions. It is also the place where my friends decided they wanted to spend St. Patty’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago is a hot mess. It starts out pretty mild and family friendly, with the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which falls on the heels of dyeing the river green.

Thankfully this is NOT pollution.

The day starts to get sloppy around noon, when people who have been day drinking for a few hours begin making their way back north. At this point, the bars on the north side of the city become stupid.

Being in Wrigleyville on St. Patty’s Day posed the risk of getting puked on, accidentally punched in the face, trampled on by a mob of people, and/or getting groped. I decided it was worth the risk in order to have a drink with some friends.

Mustaches make you cool.

Oh, and did I mention that it was 76 degrees here? Basically every person between the ages of 21 and 25 who decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day was outside in barely there clothing. Add that to the potential crazy.

When I got annoyed with drunken messes, I stared at this tree. It brought me serenity in a world of madness.

Thankfully none of the those outcomes happened, but we did see someone get arrested and our phones couldn’t call or text because there were so many people crowding the streets. It was pretty crazy, and luckily my husband and I got out of there before the streets became a wall of green. They ended up shutting down the main drag of Wrigleyville due to the crowd taking over the roadway.

For us though, it was an… entertaining day.


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