Day 312 Risk: Speak A South American Adventure Into Existence

I was feeling pretty restless on Monday and decided to do a little daydreaming. In my daydreams, I couldn’t stop thinking about traveling. The itch to get out of the city–hell, to get out of the country–was making me crazy.

I love to travel. Travel helps me breath, helps me hear my true voice. When I travel, I feel grounded even though I’m constantly moving, feel at home even though everything around me is foreign. Travel introduced me to Italy, beginning my lifelong love affair with the glorious land of pasta and passion.

The perfect porch. Taken at the Tuscan villa my husband and I rented a few years ago.

I’m dying to spend my rent check on a plane ticket. To anywhere. Wanderlust is calling.

This wanderlust hit me hard and got me thinking about where I want to travel next. Since an item on my bucket list is to visit every continent, I decided I needed to begin that task. And so I’m planning a trip to South America. Details are still a few years off, but are definitely in the works.

That night when I went to the finale of the Bachelor, I talked about my little plan with my league. It’s so risky for me to talk about this trip, or write about it here, because now I’m accountable. There are so many ways that I could convince myself that the money and time needed for the kind of trip I want to take would be better spent elsewhere.  That being said, I’m willing to take that risk, because I believe that this trip is in my next five years.

So beautiful beaches, gorgeous landscapes, and incredible food, here I come.


2 thoughts on “Day 312 Risk: Speak A South American Adventure Into Existence

  1. Umm, heck yes. Grant and I are going to South America in the near future–it’s been in the cards for a while. We should plan an epic trip!

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