Day 311: De-Winterize The Windows

This may not seem like a risk, but going through the process of de-winterizing your windows is actually a huge risk for a Chicagoan. When winter comes to the city, my husband and I go through our own process of winterizing our windows, which includes lowering the storm pane, then putting up removable caulk to seal all the cracks, then covering them with plastic, and finally curling up under blankets because we’re still so cold.

When Chicagoans remove their winterizing techniques from their windows, they are accepting that winter is over and that spring has finally sprung. This process normally takes place for my husband and me in April, and even then we sometimes regret that decision and freeze throughout May. (Yes, cold temps can bleed over into May. I’ve actually seen a high of forty degrees in May.)

When I woke up Sunday and saw the expected temperatures for the day, I couldn’t help myself; I had to de-winterize the windows and let in some fresh air.

It didn’t take too long, and when I had finished I was so pleased. It was (and still is) beautiful in the city. Most Chicagoans I know believe that there is still a chance that we could get a major snowstorm, or that the temps could get down into the twenties and thirties before spring/summer really comes around.

But not me. I believe that winter is over, that we will actually have a spring this year. Way to be 2012. Way to be.



3 thoughts on “Day 311: De-Winterize The Windows

  1. The west coast has gotten the short end of the stick this year. Maybe it’s time for us to fly east? 😉 For now, I’ll live vicariously through your breezy curtains.

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