Day 310 Risk: Go To A Make Up Trapeze Class

I had to miss my weekly trapeze class on Tuesday due to work, so I was making it up in the Saturday session. I didn’t know anyone in that session, so I felt like I was going to my very first trapeze class over again. My mind was a flurry of questions as I rode the bus downtown: How would I compare with the people in the Saturday session? Would I make a complete fool of myself? Would they be buddy-buddy with each other and leave me on the outside?

I’m so neurotic sometimes.

Due to construction the CTA was all kinds of messed up on Saturday, which made my nerves even more spastic than they already were. I got to the bus stop at the class start time and literally ran to the studio. I stumbled into class nearly ten minutes later, breathlessly spewing apologies and immediately beginning our usual warm-up. I felt completely out-of-whack.

As I did jumping jacks, rushing to catch up with the group, I looked around and discovered that I knew about half of the class from the teaser I had taken a few weeks earlier. Soon after I switched from jumping jacks to stretches, a girl from my normal session rushed in, also delayed by the CTA, and plopped down next to me. I instantly felt better knowing I wouldn’t be tackling this class alone.

The Saturday session had learned a few more tricks and poses than my session, so there were a few moments when I felt behind. But overall I was able to keep up, so I wasn’t the complete spaz that I thought I would be. At the end of class I bonded with some of the Saturday folks over nerdery and we all rode the bus north together. It was a good risk and a great class.



Risky Thoughts

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