Day 309 Risk: Get My Hopes Up

I normally don’t get my hopes up. I am one of those people who plan for the worst, seeing all the potential things that could go wrong in a situation and trying to figure out how to prevent all of those potentially horrid things from happening. I generally don’t believe things will work out until they actually work out.

So it’s difficult for me to trust in something that I’m not positive will work out.

On Friday I was able to figure out some numbers that could work out in my favor financially, and the thought of things panning out well was something that I was afraid to trust. But I decided to take the risk and believe the cosmos want good things to come my way. To solidify the risk, I even shared my hopefulness with some friends.

I’m sure my lack of trust in things working out in my favor is my self-deprecating way of not being disappointed. I hate being disappointed. But that also means I’m safe. While safe feels pretty good, it keeps me stuck. And I hate being stuck way more than I hate being disappointed.

Being stuck sucks.


Risky Thoughts

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