Day 308 Risk: Word Vomit With A Co-Worker

I want to start by apologizing to my regular readers for my departure from this blog over the last few days. When I began this blog I set the goal of writing one post per day, but sometimes life gets in the way. And a lot of life happened for me the last few days, leaving me with no time to write.

But enough of that; on to the risk.

One of my co-workers has given me rides home lately, which has naturally meant that we have gotten to know each other. On the ride home last Thursday, I started talking as though she were one of my closest friends, a bit of a departure from our normal surface conversation. I just kept talking as though everything I was saying was normal conversation to have, with my twisted sense of humor communicating god knows what.

Eventually I got to the train stop she was taking me to, where I wished her luck in the event she was attending that night and went on my way. It was only then that I thought, “What the hell did you just say?”

As I thought about it later, I realized how much of what I said might be misconstrued, and I began to second guess being so personal. I immediately thought of how I was going to backtrack and collect all that word vomit that I spewed on the floor of her car.

After talking with my husband that night, and hearing him laugh and say, “You think too much,” I realized that I have nothing to apologize for. I was just being myself in a social situation. Plus, I have no idea how she received everything I was saying. I’m guessing what I said freaked her out, but I really have no idea.

So when I saw her on Friday, I approached the situation like nothing had happened. I asked her how her event went and we talked about work and some other things. She didn’t seem any different to me and I decided to just let the word vomit go.

I can’t unsay it anyway.


Risky Thoughts

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