Day 307 Risk: Fess Up About Some Fears

I struggled through Wednesday. I had received some news about my work situation for the summer and it sent me into a bit of a panic, a panic I wasn’t really ready to handle.

Knowing my husband was getting ready to go out-of-town, I kept my feelings to myself, being all wifely and trying to ease his day by not adding my troubles to his plate. But I realized that if I kept trying to deal with this panic on my own, I would end up getting sick, not to mention that my hubby knows me well enough to know when something is up.

We were having a date night of  ice cream and Dexter…

Um, yes please!

…so a part of me worried that bringing up stressful things would ruin our night. As I’ve begun to see, I think the worst, but reality is usual not nearly as bad as what I imagine.

After I had expressed what was weighing on my brain, I felt a ton better. And, after discussing it with my husband, the potential trouble I was seeing lowered greatly.

I have a tendency to keep things to myself, wanting to lessen the burden of those around me. I think it’s the Italian in me, wanting everyone around me happy and fed and entertained; I feel selfish when I talk about things that are bothering me. But I think I need to ignore the Italian grandma for a while and focus more on the Italian sass.

Or maybe I just need to become a sassy Italian grandma.

Sophia you are my hero.


Risky Thoughts

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