Day 306 Risk: I can’t…I want to but…I just can’t….

So I took a risk on Tuesday, but it’s not something I can post about or really even talk about at the moment. Sorry, but there will be no posting about embarrassment or craziness today.

The links I’m providing for you this non-risk time around are all picture related. Maybe it’s Pinterest; maybe it’s just the warm temps making me want to take a walk with a camera; I’m not really sure why, but I’ve loved looking through pictures lately.

So check out the Bloggess attempting to get actor Nathan Fillion to send her a picture.

You could also waste some time browsing through crush worthy photos or getting lost in the moment.

But maybe you want to stretch your brain a little, so take a minute to get a sense what’s out there in the universe.

Finally, if you don’t want to link up to another site, you could just stare at this for a little while:

Way to suit up Ryan. Way to suit up.

I can’t help but sigh deeply whenever I see a photo of him.


Risky Thoughts

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