Day 303 Risk: Take A Walk Along The Lake

After an unusually warm winter, the temperatures dropped down into the thirties (which in Chicago means it feels like the twenties) and the wind picked up dramatically. Many a nice ‘do was knotted up by the end of this weekend.

The plunge I was taking on Sunday had an early registration, and not wanting to get up super early on Sunday, I decided to spend my Saturday morning making a trip to check-in at the meeting center by the lake.

After I registered I decided to take a little walk along the water’s edge. I’d never been to this particular beach and wanted to see if it had the peaceful feel that some of the others offer. I think I picked the wrong day.

The winds were pretty brutal, so much so that when I put my cup of coffee down to take a picture or two, it rocked back and forth and threaten to fall over. I wanted to take a seat, let my legs hang over the edge of the concrete ledge that borders the water, but if my coffee cup was in danger of being blown into lake, there was a good chance I might find myself taking the plunge a day early.

Here’s one of the pictures I risked my life to capture:

"My mood today is dark and twisty. I am a creepy city and I'm coming to get you..."


Risky Thoughts

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