Day 301 Risk: Work Through A Crappy Mood

Thursday is my writing group night. I’ve missed the last two weeks due to illness, so I was pretty set on going. But for some reason I was in a really crappy mood.

Get outta my life!

I wanted to go to my group, but didn’t want to go. I was in such a bad mood that I spent most of the evening frowning and was picking at my husband for no good reason. I seriously considered staying home, but decided to push through and go anyway, with the risk being that my crappy mood would come out at group.

Once I finally got to the coffee shop and was able to open my laptop, I felt a little better. I got working and didn’t stop for an hour. When we came together to talk, my crappy mood was gone and I felt renewed.

It’s like going to the gym: you don’t want to go, but you push through and go anyway. Once there you feel so much better and can even get some work done. Usually I feel stunted and blocked when I’m in a bad mood and struggle to get work done. But I’m seeing more and more that pushing through is the only way to not become a lump on the couch.


Risky Thoughts

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