Day 299 Risk #2: Audition For A Storytelling Competition

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I’m sure you’re wondering why there are two risks for Day 299. Well it’s because both were so risky for me that I couldn’t exclude either one, and I didn’t want to create a super long post and have you cursing me and the heavens halfway through. You’re welcome.

As soon as my first trapeze class ended, I rushed to the bathroom to change and put on some makeup before running to catch a bus to go to my audition. To remind you, I haven’t been on an audition in many years, so signing up for this was a little scary. I spent the entire day working and reworking my piece, trying it different ways. I read and reread the audition notice a half a dozen times to make sure I was staying in the limits they set. I was stressed.

Once I was at the audition site, I had about five minutes to take my coat off, attempt to fix my hair, and take one last look at my piece before they called me in to the audition room. I can’t decide if this was the best or the worst possible situation to find myself in before my first audition in over three years.

If you remember, I was going to try something risky at this audition, and I had the full intention to do that when I walked in the room. I started out attempting to execute my plan, but it quickly flopped and I realized that, while it was interesting and creative, it didn’t work because I knew one of the organizers observing the audition. So I scratched that idea mid-way through my audition. I don’t think the people I was auditioning for noticed much, but it shook my game up a bit.

In the end I felt pretty good about what I had created and how I presented it. I left feeling happy that I tried auditioning again and not really caring if I got in the competition or not; I was just happy to make it through the night without majorly embarrassing myself.

I already heard back and I didn’t get in, but surprisingly I didn’t mind. Taking the leap to audition was enough for me.


2 thoughts on “Day 299 Risk #2: Audition For A Storytelling Competition

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