Day 299 Risk #1: Start A Trapeze Class

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About two weeks ago I signed up to take a trapeze class and Tuesday was my first day. I wasn’t as nervous as last week, when I attempted to start class a week early. This week I walked in with a little more confidence after having another week to adjust to the idea of me swinging around on a bar.

About half of the class were repeaters, as taking trapeze is effing difficult and apparently many people choose to take the first level again before moving up. The newbies and I grouped together pretty quickly and braced ourselves for the pain and embarrassment that we all expected to ensue.

My class is awesome. Everyone in the class has strengths (myself included surprisingly) and weaknesses when it comes to trapeze, and each time someone swung up on that bar and made it through a trick, the onlookers on the ground cheered in support. It was so refreshing to feel that you-can-do-it energy coming my way when what I really felt like was the fat kid on the monkey bars.

I still struggled with certain things, like actually getting my legs wrapped around the bar and hanging upside down by just my knees, but I didn’t feel nearly as afraid. I tried to push myself a little further and was surprised by how less scary things seemed the second time around.

Then our instructor said we’d be standing on the bar. Standing. On the tiny, little round bar. On our first day.

Did I mention I’m in a for real trapeze class? As in, I’m doing this all by myself with no harness kind of trapeze class? Yeah. Just me, my puny muscles, and a bar attached to some ropes. Those familiar pangs of fear came flooding back.

I got into the sitting position on the bar and took a deep breath. I wrapped one of my sets of toes around the bar and balanced on just those, pushing my ankle forward like a dancer. Working my hands up the ropes, I eventually was able to stand straight up, placing my other foot directly next to my gripping toes.

And then I balanced.

I’m weak and I have no ab strength, but apparently I can balance like a champ. So I guess I’m not a complete fail at trapeze.

I worked my hands back down the ropes, got to a sitting position, and breathed a huge, audible sigh of relief. The whole class laughed and clapped.

A small victory, but huge when you consider how effing difficult trapeze is. The circus gave me the false impression that this wouldn’t be so hard. Dirty liars.

Look at her perfect position. So jealous...


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