Day 295 Risk: Sign Up For The Polar Plunge

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time. I first found out about the Polar Plunge when I moved to the city and had always assumed the plunge happened on New Years Day. I realized on January 2nd this year that I had missed it once again. Bummed, I decided that I would not miss it next year, that I would take the plunge in 2013.

Well it turns out the Polar Plunge that I was thinking about hasn’t happened yet.

I saw a flyer for it earlier in the week on a walk back from the store. The park district building in my neighborhood had an ad for the upcoming plunge in their window. I stopped talking mid-sentence (I was with the hubby), ran back to the window, and gasped. “Oh my god!”

My husband didn’t respond. He just waited patiently while I had a freak out.

“I didn’t miss it! The Polar Plunge is happening in a week and a half!”

“Awesome,” he said and continued on with whatever we’d been talking about.

So yesterday I signed up, taking the risk that I don’t have time to meet the minimum fundraising goal. I’m kind of freaking out that this risk will be a bust, but oh my god I’m so excited that it might happen.


The plunge is happening in one week, on Sunday March 4th. If I want to plunge, I have to raise $125 in one week. Being ambitious and knowing that the readers of this blog are amazing,  I set a goal of $200. You don’t have to donate a lot; something as small as $10 can help. Click here to give.

To encourage you to give, I’ve created a list of other, less cool things you could spend $10 on:

1. Two specialty drinks from Starbucks.

2. One movie ticket (evening showing).

3. A fru-fru beverage at a downtown Chicago bar.

4. A pack of cigarettes (well, it’s nearly $10).

5. A pizza from Pizza Hut.

Can you give up any of those things just once? Well if so, then you can support the Special Olympics. Come on. Don’t do it to see funny pictures of me jumping in Lake Michigan and freezing my butt off.

Do it for the kids…


7 thoughts on “Day 295 Risk: Sign Up For The Polar Plunge

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