Day 292 Risk: Trust My Gut, Then Trust My Husband

I spent all day Tuesday building myself up to go to my first trapeze class. I couldn’t stop talking or thinking about it all day. I was so geared up that I didn’t start any projects within two hours of when I needed to leave and, wanting to make sure I wasn’t late, I left early to catch an early bus that would get me to the loft early.

I wasn’t anxious at all.

When I was about halfway there, I pulled out my notebook to write a journal entry. I wrote the date in the top right hand corner and then stopped. I looked up, looked down at my notebook again, and then had a sudden “oh crap” moment, thinking, “The class starts next week.”


At first I thought I was still in freak out mode, but I figured there was a reason I was questioning the start date, so I called my husband. I waited impatiently as he looked up the details online , hoping that I was wrong. I just wanted to start this class; I didn’t want to wait another week.

After a few minutes he told me that my gut was right; the class didn’t start that night. I asked him to check it again and, since my husband knows how neurotic I am, he checked the website again. No change. We hung up and I went through one more stop before I got off the bus. A part of me wanted to stay on the bus and go to the loft anyway, just to confirm it for myself. But then I decided to trust my husband’s eyesight. So, completely bummed, I went home.

Even though I didn’t get to start the class, I’m happy that I trusted my gut and trusted my hubby. I tend to second guess myself, so trusting the feeling I was having was a huge step for me. Previously I would have thought the feeling was just anxiety and gone all the way to the loft. Thankfully I avoided that embarrassment.

Check back in next week for my real first day.


One thought on “Day 292 Risk: Trust My Gut, Then Trust My Husband

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