Day 291 Risk: Go For A Run

I don’t run. I mean, I can run, if I have to or if someone forces me. But I rarely ever choose to run. I like to mozy; I’m a “let’s go for a stroll” kind of girl.

The problem with not being a runner is that when I do decide to go for a little jog, I realize just how out of shape I am. Well, if I’m being truthful, I knew how out of shape I was before this jog, but afterward, I really, really knew how out of shape I was.

Signing up for the trapeze class on Saturday caused me to reconsider my activity level, and I decided to make an overall physical change. I chose to start the week with cardio, and as I’m not a member of a gym, my options for cardio were pretty limited. A run sounded like a good idea, so I pulled on my gym shoes and went outside.

I was out of breath after two blocks.

I stopped, walked for a little, then began running again.

Before long I could barely breathe. I was worried that I had developed asthma or that I was going to hyperventilate. Apparently running in the cold when out of shape is not good for your lungs.

I got back to my house and decided that the run was not enough of a workout, so I did some leg exercises. By the time I’d finished, I could barely bend my legs to sit down.

Maybe the Hardy Boys have the secret for healing my quads.

***Image from Runners World.***

My legs are feeling better now (two days later), but they’re still a little sore. Even though it was hard to go up stairs and I woke up each day feeling like I had run a marathon, being sore was worth knowing that I’d begun the process of getting back into shape.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll actually have the guts to wear shorts this summer.


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