Day 290 Risk: Send Food Back

I’ve mentioned a few times in this blog that I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). I’m not going to go into detail about it, because I’m guessing you don’t read this blog for health information, but let’s just say it turns eating out into my personal hell. I usually just try to find something with none of my trigger foods, which isn’t always easy and often gets messed up.

At a Sunday brunch with friends, I did just that. I scanned the menu, choose one of the three things I could actually order, and went back to my conversation. One of my major triggers is onions, and I forgot to check this time, so I ran around the restaurant and found our server, who said that my order didn’t contain any onions.

When we got our food twenty minutes later, the first thing I saw was an onion. In picking through I saw that the entire dish contained onions. I could have picked out the onions, but then I would have spent one part of the meal with my head in my plate and the other worrying that I’d missed one. I didn’t want to spend my meal that way.

So I sent it back. I felt really bad doing it. The restaurant was busy and I’ve served before and know that mistakes happen. Our server was great about it though. She apologized profusely and didn’t charge me for either that dish or the bagel I ended up with. I’m proud of myself for doing it though. I didn’t spend the day in discomfort and pain and while I felt a little bad, at least I felt comfortable.


Risky Thoughts

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