Day 289 Risk: Try A Trapeze Class

About two weeks ago I found an introductory, one-time trapeze class at a studio called The Aloft Loft. Having nothing else to do on Saturday, and being presented with such a sweet risk, I decided to take a trapeze class.

This risk had multiple risks within it:

1. Obvious. It’s a trapeze class. I could end up looking like a fool or hurting myself; many crazy things could ensue.

2. My alien eye. My eye hurt every time I bent over to pick something up off the floor. What was going to happen as I hung upside down?

3. I was going alone. I tried to get a few friends to go with me, but they all kindly said hell no.

I was freaking out about this risk. For one thing, I was afraid of getting hurt. Those ropes are hung pretty high and even though I was once a gymnast, I can’t balance like I used to. For another thing, I’m pretty out of shape. Would my soft belly be a trapeze hazard?

The first time we got up on the bar, I actually felt great. We started out just swinging back and forth, getting used to the feel of the bar. I was feeling pretty good about my progress until we had to hang upside down. They had us loop our legs around the bar and then let go, squeezing our heels to our butts and then just hanging there. I didn’t feel like I had a good hold on the bar and my whole body started shaking. I was so sure that I was going to fall on my head and break my neck.

As the class went on my confidence declined. I felt weak and my body felt floppy and soft. By the end of class, I was bummed, in part because I expected to feel exhilarated. But taking the class sparked something in me. It reminded me of how strong I used to feel when I was doing gymnastics, and how much I miss that feeling. I could not let that trapeze kick me in the ass.

So I when I got home that night, I signed up for a session. I think it will be tough and challenging, but so worth it.

Here are a few highlights from the class:

Inner dialogue: "What the hell are you doing up here D?!"

I was so sure I couldn't do this. Most of my classmates let go of their leg, but I refused.


3 thoughts on “Day 289 Risk: Try A Trapeze Class

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