Day 288 Risk: Go Out With An Alien Eye

I have an alien eye. It started on Tuesday with a bit of pain as I scratched the lid. On Wednesday there was pain and swelling. The pain got so bad Wednesday night that it woke me up, so first thing Thursday morning I called my doctor and made an appointment.

I had a very slow week. I had planned to get work done on my book and get some things organized around my house, knocking off to-do list items that have nagged me. I didn’t have plans to see many people or do too much, until Friday, which starting with my doctor’s appointment, followed by a knitting date, and then rounding out the day with a birthday party and drinks with some friends.

After going to the doctor I found out that my alien eye is actually a blocked tear duct. He prescribed prescription strength pain meds, since I could barely function the pain was so bad, and some antibiotics that pissed off my IBS, causing my stomach to feel like crap. Basically my body was rebelling against me. I had every right to stay home and not see anyone, which I wanted to do not only because of the pain and discomfort, but also because I had an alien coming out of my eye! I looked and felt hideous.

Yeah. Kinda like that. Only coming out of my eye.

But I decided that I’m sick of my body running my life and went out anyway. I wasn’t as energetic or talkative as normal, but at least I wasn’t sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself. I felt the need to explain the alien to everyone I saw, feeling so self-conscious and gross. Most people were polite and said they hadn’t really noticed, even though they had been staring at the creature.

I’m not including a picture here because (I shouldn’t feel the need to explain this) it’s gross; I’m sure you don’t want to see it anyway. But trust me, it’s weird and disgusting and looks like an alien is pushing itself out through my eyelid. Not a pretty sight.


2 thoughts on “Day 288 Risk: Go Out With An Alien Eye

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