Day 287 Risk: A Drink With A Stranger Interview

I mentioned earlier that Phillip from  A Drink With A Stranger contacted me about doing an interview and on Thursday we sat down with beers in hand for a conversation.

The interview was the only thing I had to do that day, so I thought about it non-stop (of course) and was ready to talk to him a full ten minutes before our scheduled time. I kept looking at the clock as I attempted to get some things done, worried that I would get distracted and miss our interview time. After waiting and waiting for him to Skype me, I figured out that I had forgotten to do something related to Skype, and we were eventually able to connect ten minutes late (so much for my over planning).

Having over thought the interview all day, I instantly turned on my weirdo side, talking too much and attempting to crack lame jokes. Luckily Phillip laughed at my humor and joined in. The conversation flowed nicely from there, with him asking planned questions but also just letting the conversation take us where it wanted to take us.

He asked some pretty dynamic questions and I was honestly stumped multiple times about how to answer. He mentioned aspects of my risk-taking that I hadn’t even thought about and those, along with his questions, made me realize just how far I’ve come in nine months. I asked him a few questions as well, and his candidness helped me relax further. It shocked me when I looked at the clock and saw that an hour had passed; I felt like I had just been catching up with a friend.

I’m glad I didn’t turn this one down. I considered not doing it in the beginning, then rescheduling on the day of because of health problem (more on that on Day 288), but backing out is not something I’ve allowed myself to do in this process and I wasn’t going to start now.

At the publishing of this, the interview is not yet posted on his site. When it is though, I’ll attach a link here.


Risky Thoughts

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