Day 286 Risk: Sign Up For An Audition

I haven’t auditioned for anything in years. A part of me misses theatre, but it is a very, very small part. The other part of me remembers how miserable of a person I was when I was pursuing acting as a career. So when I see an audition notice, my eyes glaze over it and move on.

This audition is different though. It’s for a storytelling competition here in the city that would be happening next month. Since storytelling is something I want to do more of, I decided to sign up. I figured that the audition and the eventual competition (if I get in) are excellent risks in an area where I want to do more risking.

I hemmed and hawed about this all day. I had gotten the email on Tuesday and briefly looked over it before closing the email and moving on to something else. I kept coming back to the idea of this audition all day Tuesday, and then again on Wednesday. As my day came to a close and no risking had taken place, I knew I had to reply, had to get an audition slot. I knew I needed to stop being such a baby about it and just sign up.

So, waiting until the last possible moment in my day, I signed up for an audition slot.

Now I need to come up with a story, memorize and rehearse, and then try to not shake uncontrollably when I get up to audition. I have a week and a half to prepare.

Wish me luck. I’m a wee bit rusty.

Hmm. I'm auditioning for something and I'm a dummy. I wonder if this could help me...


3 thoughts on “Day 286 Risk: Sign Up For An Audition

  1. You’ll do fine. You always work well under pressure…just pick something you feel as you read it, it will be easier to make it a part of you! (Remember Shel Silverstein?!)

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