Day 285 Risk: Sneak Wine Into A Movie

Normally my hubby and I don’t “celebrate” Valentines Day, but this year we decided to see a movie. Since we were “celebrating” the “holiday” this year, we wanted to toast our love with some wine. So I packed my bag with lip gloss, my wallet, and a Nalgene bottle full of Cabernet.

I know, I know. It was childish and silly and we probably shouldn’t have done it. But it was also fun and dumb and provided us with tons of giggles (before and after we drank the wine).

We got to the theater, got our popcorn, and settled in for the pre-show show (there was Valentines Day special fun planned to go along with the movie). As the lights dimmed, my husband pulled out the Nalgene bottle and popped it open.

We downed the contents before the end credits. We screwed the top on tight and put the bottle back in my bag before the lights came up. The movie-goers next to us may have known we were not drinking water, but no one else seemed to. In the end it was a fun, silly way to make our V-Day a little more exciting.

The Nalgene bottle didn’t give us the full flavor of the Cab though. So for future wine-risking, I think someone needs to buy me this:

It's like classy box wine.


Risky Thoughts

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