Day 283 Risk: Make Chicken and Waffles

I used to frequent a restaurant in the city that served Chicken and Waffles. For those that have never tried this dish, it is exactly how it sounds: fried chicken served with waffles. It originated in the 30’s in Harlem at a restaurant named Wells. The New York Times even did a piece on the establishment a while back.

The restaurant I used to go to (which is now closed) served the chicken in between the waffles. While I never tried the dish, it always looked delicious. As a pescitarian (I eat fish, but no other meats), I could never partake in the tasty looking dish. I’ve often thought about Chicken and Waffles since, wondering if I could make a veggie version.

On Sunday, while my husband and I grocery shopped and attempted to figure out dinner, I came upon multi-grain waffles in the frozen section. I instantly thought of Chicken and Waffles and decided to search out the breaded soy chicken. My husband was game to try it, so we experimented.

Tasty or gross?

It tasted pretty good surprisingly. The saltiness of the chicken was a nice offset to the sweet of the waffles and syrup. And bonus: Not terribly unhealthy. The chicken was soy and baked, not fried, the waffles were multi-grain, and we topped with pure maple syrup we got in Vermont. Not a dish I could eat everyday, and not very nutritious, but definitely a tasty jab to my standard diet.


Risky Thoughts

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