Day 282 Risk: Sweatpantsing It Up!

Saturday for me involved sweatpants, sushi, and movie watching on my friend’s couch. Lazy, lazy day, full of warm fuzzy bits of awesome. And I did not intend to spend that day in constricting jeans or pants.

Regular readers know that I love to experiment with my fashion and try to look my best. I’ve had many, many posts about fashion risks I’ve taken, most involving me trying out a new accessory or the saga of having shorter hair. Going out of the house in a pair of sweatpants is not an automatic thing for me.

If only I had a pair of these! All my problems would be solved.

My friend wanted to bring me to this sushi place with a daily $3 sushi happy hour, a risk all its own. I was a bit nervous about the idea of $3 sushi, but it was actually delicious. My tummy appreciated the tasty roll topped with cranberry (don’t scoff; it was surprisingly good), my wallet appreciated the $3-ness of everything, and my eyes appreciated the setting (adorable origami birds hanging from the ceiling and sparkly pale teal on the walls) that reminded me that I was in a decent establishment and not the food court at the mall.

But I did feel frumpy in my baggy sweatpants. At least they were under the table where no one could see them.

I spent the rest of the day on my friends couch with a glass of wine in my hand and good movies flashing across her TV. I cuddled with her roommates puppy and nibbled on homemade popcorn. Overall a great day with a great human and a great pup.

I love that I took this risk. No one gave a crap what I was wearing and I eventually didn’t either. I was comfortable and cozy and warm; if only every day during a Chicago winter provided such luxuries.


Risky Thoughts

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