Day 281 Risk: Participate In A Fake Trial

My husband was contacted about being in a fake trial for a law student competition. He wasn’t available. I was. With only 48 hours notice, I found myself preparing for court.

Going into this day was extremely scary, considering my lack of preparation plus the fact that I’ve never done anything like this. The only experience I have with trials and courtrooms is by watching SVU. And while I’m sure Detective Stabler was good at his job, I’m not sure the show gives an accurate depiction of a real court case. I was freaking out a little, but knew it would be a good risk so I forged ahead.

When I got to the courthouse, I sighed with relief to see some people I know from doing Standardized Patient work, knowing that they could give me tips if I got all turned around. I sighed and thought, “Maybe I won’t be a complete spaz.”

I was wrong. Well, not completely wrong. I was playing two parts and when I was working with the prosecution, I did really well. But the defense was a different story. There were all these last-minute things thrown at me and I fumbled most of the information I was expected to know. My hands were shaking, which I’m sure the prosecution saw, and I know I messed up certain parts.

I’m pretty sure they won’t ask me back. I’m not sure I want to go back. I don’t get how people take the stand under normal circumstances. The pressure sucks.

But ever since I saw JFK (the movie, not the 35th President) I’ve had a secret desire play a part in a courtroom drama. I always imagined that I would be playing a lawyer and be on TV or a stage, but I’ll take being on the stand in a simulated trial instead.

"Back and to the left... back and to the left... back and to the left."

And if I’m being honest, it was kind of fun. Maybe I’d do it again, that is, if they even want me back.


Risky Thoughts

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