Day 280 Risk: Setup A Writing Date

Two weeks after I approached a woman about setting up a writing date, I was finally reaching a parting of the clouds in my schedule and could see time for said date. I figured I would see her at our weekly meet up, so I decided to wait to text her and just ask in person.

I got to our weekly meeting and walked into the backroom, wandering around for a few minutes while I feigned looking for a seat but actually looked for my potential writing date. When I didn’t see her, I pouted a little and found a seat.

After procrastinating with Pinterest for a while, I finally got some work done on my book and was able to get a journal entry written. I was about to close up my laptop when I saw my potential writing date walk by. I was very excited but knew we were all still working, so I waited to talk with her even though it was incredibly difficult for me.

When everyone finally came together for our usual pow-wow, the first thing I did was go over and ask her if she was available on Monday. Lucky for me she was and we decided to have a writing date.

I’m seeing that the process of making connections and moving toward what I want is dependent on me taking action. I think I always knew that in theory, but truly taking action requires a lot of doing and not a lot of thinking, something that does not come easily for me. Sitting around on my ass accomplishes nothing. And if I sit on my ass for too long, things will fall through the cracks. It’s not groundbreaking but I know deep down that every small step I take is leading me towards a future that I want to live in. It’s not huge, but it’s enough for now.


Risky Thoughts

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