Dear lovely reader…

I’m so behind on posts. As of now, I am posting risks almost a full week after I’ve taken them. It’s driving me crazy and it must stop.

To make up for my lazy/busy life of late, I will be posting twice a day this week. My apologies for those that get this in an email, as I will be flooding your inbox. Please don’t unsubscribe. I think you are awesome and lovely and a bad ass. Let my flattery work. Stay with me people.

On a fun note, I’ve posted picks of my completely snood and a kind of pattern (all guesswork), so check it out if you’re interested

I will also be doing some updating of My Journey So Far (9 months in! Woot woot!) and Famous Risk Takers later this week, as well as possibly changing the look of the blog itself (ideas still pending), so check back in at some point to see those.

As always, I love you for reading, and like to show my appreciation through humor, so please enjoy the following courtesy of How I Met Your Mother:



Risky Thoughts

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