Day 279 Risk: Be Open To A Talk With A Stranger

I received an email about a week or so ago from a man who has a blog where he talks with strangers. He plans some of these talks, while others are random, with people he meets in random parts of his life. He had read my post about talking with the man on the bus and inquired if we could have a beer and a chat.

At first I was hesitant. I’m a city girl and think everyone wants something, even if that is so not true and kind of heinous of me. What can I say; I’ve been city-fied. So I paused, over-thinking the whole thing and contemplating whether it would be awkward, basically just getting myself into a tizzy for nothing.

Then I realized three things: 1. I’m kind of crazy and need to chill out. 2. It’s a cool idea and a cool risk. 3. Someone other than my mom is reading this! Score.

So I said sure. He’s in Boston, so we’ll be Skyping later this week to chat and have a drink. I’m a little nervous about what questions he might ask. But, then again, I’ve talked about pretty much everything on this blog, so it’s not like I’m a particularly private person.

But I’m like a prepubescent teen who stalks their crush via Facebook: I enjoy the seeming anonymity of the internet. I don’t have to see your face screw up with confusion at my choice of risks or horror at my terrible grammar or disgust as I bare it all on this blog (No, there are no naked pics anywhere on this blog; get your head outta the gutter). Worst, I don’t have to see you not laugh at my jokes, like the one about a stalking prepubescent teen. (Laugh damn it! That was moderate to not at all funny.) I guess there comes a time though when you have to stop typing and start talking.

Unless something crazy pops up, like a free opportunity to skydive or a scuba excursion to explore the shipwrecks of Lake Michigan, this will be my risk on the day we talk.

Apparently a lot of sunken ships are hanging out in Lake Michigan. Can someone figure out how to make that one of my risks? Thanks in advance.

Check back in to see how our talk went!


One thought on “Day 279 Risk: Be Open To A Talk With A Stranger

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