Day 278 Risk: Follow-up On A Potential Coffee Date

Doing the storytelling event a few weeks ago was exhilarating and I’ve been eager to do more. After the event, I casually asked the organizer if we could get together for coffee to jam about other events like it in the city. He was down for coffee and a jam session, so I said I would email him.

Yeah. My month got crazy. It had been nearly three weeks when I finally got around to sending the email. I considered not sending it, figuring he might not remember our conversation, but I took the risk and sent it anyway.

The more I reach out in this way the easier it gets. Having lived for so long in the world of acting, where connections form naturally through a rehearsal process, it’s been a struggle for me to navigate a whole new way of normal. Suddenly I have to do way more stepping up and asking, taking tiny steps toward where I want to exist. Hopefully by the end of this process I won’t even pause before sending an email like the one mentioned above. Hopefully I won’t question myself so much. But hey, at least I’m trying.


Risky Thoughts

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